Interview techniques for Candidates

November 5, 2019

Interviews with both recruiters and potential employers can be daunting for anyone especially if you haven’t had an interview in such a long time.

How should I format my resume? How to dress? What to say? I’m having a video interview what should I do? How do I overcome the nerves? Plus many more questions I’m sure you’ve asked yourself along the way!

The first point you need to remember is that first impressions last! Sometimes within the first 5 minutes of an interview, a potential employer can decide if you’re the perfect person for job! Why? Well it can be whether you’ve turned up on time and professional appearance.

Let’s start with those couple of points:-

1. Never turn up to an interview late. There really is no excuse to be honest. Preparation is key to this. Research the trains, buses or roads and even do a practice run. Allow an extra 15-30 minutes especially if your interview is around a busy time of day. Being early is so much better than rushing. You can always get a drink at a local cafe, sit and relax or chill in the car and gather your thoughts. The perfect time to walk through the door of an interview is somewhere between 5-10 minutes before the scheduled interview.

2. Dress to impress, as first impressions really do last. This includes having a video interview. As technology is evolving and interviews are being conducted more and more via video (FaceTime, Skype, whatsapp video, Zoom). Having an interview with a recruiter face to face or via video is as important as a potential employer. A recruiter has to be able to promote you to a potential employer for many reasons.

As you can see that first 5 minutes of an interview can make or break it.


Preparation and Research is the key to success

Showing the interviewer that you have spent the time researching the company can really be impressive. This means going to the interview and actually telling the interviewer about their company - what they do, how they do it, what their mission statement is, what they stand for? Ask them questions about what you’ve read on their website! Never attend an interview after only briefly viewing their website.

Make sure the recruiter has given you enough information regarding the job so that you feel comfortable you know what the position is exactly about. When you ask questions about the company and the position you’ve applied for, it’s more for clarification. It shows again you’ve prepared, understood and researched.

Who are you?

An employer is looking to find out who you are at interview? Remember that a resume is a summary of your experience and skills. This is now your chance to tell/show the potential employer who you are, what your capable of doing, your personality and what drives and motivates you?

Answer questions with precision and enthusiasm. Never waffle but at the same time one- or two-word answers are no good. Find a balance. Strike up a conversation. Give answers that makes the potential employer be interested and want to find out more?

Answer questions with relevant examples of what you have completed in that particular circumstance in the past. The questions that ask for those type of answers are called behavioural interview questions “Give me an example of.....?” “Tell me a time when...?” These interview questions are becoming more popular as they give the potential employer an idea of what and how you have completed something in the past and what you would do in the future.

Maintain professionalism and eye contact at all times even if you do start to feel more relaxed in the interview.

Don’t fidget. Switch off your mobile phone prior to going in the interview and if you have forgotten to switch it off by mistake NEVER answer it! Apologise and switch it off immediately.

These are just tips and of course entirely your choice.

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