Hiring the wrong staff can be costly!

December 4, 2017

How to avoid the perils of an under performing employee!

One of the biggest pain points of a business is under performing employees! Failure for a new employee to successfully complete their probation, leaves a massive hole in your team and hard $$$ off your bottom line.

You might not realise how costly hiring staff can be? From the moment you decide to take on a new employee it begins to take up your valuable time, and as we know in business, time equals money. Firstly, you will have to write the job advertisement and get it published, then it's waiting to receive resumes and shortlisting candidates for interview. Once you have got yourself a shortlist of potential people you will then find yourself with your ear pressed against your phone while you call them up and arrange for them to come for an interview. Then it’s the lengthy interview process.

You have now introduced a new member to your team, everyone is excited and has high expectations but the costs don't stop now as you will need to train them, and for a position with an average salary $60,000 it can cost $15,000 for a new recruit to become a fully trained, productive employee. But what happens if that new employee turns out to be a poor performer? Takes a long time to pick up new tasks? All these things can have a negative impact on your currently performing team, lowering moral and creating an unproductive work environment.

So what steps can be taken to avoid taking on an employee who might not perform as expected?

It is not always easy to spot someone who will be a poor performer but one technique is to use “behavioral interview questions.” These type of question will look at a candidate’s past behaviour and try to find out how they would perform in a future situation. You can also consider the candidates body language, their presentation and ask them other important questions to determine whether they are going to perform well in the role. 

Mastering these interview techniques is not easy and takes many years of experience, which is something that Delectus Solutions are able to offer their clients. Beverley wants to make sure that each new position, that her and her team recruit, gets you the right candidate and Delectus knows that no matter how small or large an organisation, those positions are important to each client in a different way.

Why choose Delectus Solutions?

Delectus noticed a gap in the market where small to medium size businesses needed assistance in finding the right person for a role but could not afford or justify expensive recruitment fees. This is why we offer cheap recruitment from $3995 + GST. Just because our fees are low doesn't mean you will be getting a reduced service which doesn't include all the important aspects of the recruitment process. Included in the flat fee price we offer advertising, screening, interviewing, reference checking and shortlisting only suitable candidates for that all important role as well as offering A FOUR MONTH GUARANTEE!

We could explain to the client that we deliver superior customer service, but Beverley has always believed that being honest with her clients and testimonials from her customers will confirms this. 

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