Can you afford to go away on holiday?

April 26, 2018

Taking time off to rejuvenate and refresh is essential however many managers ask themselves “Can I really afford to take a holiday?”

A lack of downtime away from the work place can cause stress which can have a knock on effect to so many things, including how you manage your business and your staff. Taking time out can make things become a lot clearer.

How can a manager who works in the business and works on the business be able to go on holiday and FORGET, when sometimes even taking a day off for sickness can become troublesome?

I think as business owners we have all been there, we go on holiday but are we really on holiday? We end up responding to emails and making calls because modern technology has made it more difficult for us to "switch off" these days.

Even when we get on the plane, we are told to switch off our phones for the flight, yet the moment the plane touches the tarmac at the destination, we switch them back on and check emails and messages.  We here the beeps and bleeps throughout the whole plane.  Can we avoid this?  Are we addicted to our phones?  

There are some simple yet effective steps of being able to take a holiday and feel relaxed without worrying about your business and needing to check up all the time:-

  • Develop a Manager/Management team that you can trust 

  • Implement strategies for your management team in which they will have a full report of who, what, where, when for when you return.

  • It is important that you are not the encyclopedia for your business. Others must be available to answer important and vital questions for your business to run. Pass on your knowledge to others so that your business can operate when you are not there

  • Essential is to have policies and procedures for people to refer to if necessary.

  • Test these polices out before you go away to make sure they work and you haven’t forgotten anything.


However how do you make sure that you have the right people in place? You must have not only a good employee that can manage your business but someone that you can trust with your business.

At Delectus Solutions we offer the full recruitment service for an affordable recruitment price. As a business owner myself, who has run a business for over 15 years, I understand how important finding the right staff is.

We offer a full consultative approach to recruitment in which not only are we there to assist you with finding the right candidates for your business but to answer any questions you may have to implement strategies.

How can we do this when we only charge a flat fee recruitment service? Are we not offering a cheap recruitment or budget recruitment service? The answer is YES we are but only as far as the fee goes!

Call us now and find out how we operate. I think that you will find a refreshing approach to recruitment. One that is not only personalized but a cost effective recruitment service tailored to your needs.

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